Cookie Policy

In this digital era, every other online commercial entity uses cookies. is also a registered website in Ireland that incorporates cookies into its operations to improve the site’s performance. However, the customer’s consent matters the most to us. Therefore, we take it as our responsibility to tell the visitors about the cookie usage of our site.

When customers visit our site for the first time, they will be asked to accept or reject the cookies. There are no compulsory cookies for accessing our site. Necessary and functionality cookies are those two types of cookies that our site uses. The main motive for using these cookies is to smoothly manage the technical operations of our site and offer visitors a great browsing experience.

Data Management respect the customers’ privacy and try to offer them a secure and confidential experience when they hire our essay writers. We do not contact our customers through indirect sources to collect their data. Our data management is completely clear and transparent. Your details will only be collected for legitimate reasons that go by our business objectives. You will get a separate ID number so things can remain organized and well-managed.