Refund Policy is extremely honoured and privileged that you have chosen our essay writing company. We give out 100% in every project and try to deliver essays that exceed customers’ expectations. We would like to apologize if you think our services were not up to the mark. Customers are eligible to claim a refund if their essay was delivered after the deadline or the quality was sub-standard. Check out this Refund Policy to know all your rights for claiming a refund.

Delayed Deliveries is always punctual when it comes to delivering essays. Our essay writers are experienced enough to complete the work well before the deadline. Still, your deliveries can get delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, but it rarely happens. If we fail to give any genuine reason and it gets proven that the mistake was on our side, your refund will be processed.

The request for a refund will be rejected if your claimed deadline is different from the one given while placing your order. You will not get a full refund if the delayed delivery has not caused you major damage. You still have to prove that your marks were deducted because of late submission to become eligible for that partial refund.

Quality Concerns

You cannot go directly for a refund. The first step is to get a revision, and if the issue stays unresolved, then you can claim a refund. Accepting the modified files will mean that you cannot get any kind of refund.

There is a QA team who will closely monitor the whole dispute and come up with a detailed report that tells us whether we should process a refund or not. There should be strong evidence of plagiarised or flawed work.

You will have a limited time to claim a refund. The team will not accept your request if it is not within the estimated timeframe. We try our best to ensure that you score an A+, but we will not take any guarantee of your grades. Our only job is to deliver well-researched, properly formatted, and meticulously written documents.

Customers have to submit the complete grade sheet along with the teacher’s feedback to prove that their case is authentic. Based on the investigation of our QA team, if your claim is proven right, we will give you a partial refund of 20-50% of the original payment.