Revision Policy

Customer satisfaction is the utmost priority of We are always ready to hear out your issues and resolve them without any delay. Our first objective is to deliver flawless work that does not need any changes. However, if you think your essay has some room for modifications, feel free to contact us. We will revise your draft right away. This Revision Policy conveys all the important details about the rights of customers.

There are some conditions that every user should know before they ask for a revision. If anyone does not agree with these rules, they can cancel the order. Customers only have 24 hours to step back from their order.

  • When the delivery is completed, customers can ask for a revision within the next 3-4 weeks. For lengthy documents like dissertations, this timeframe might get extended. We will not entertain any request for revision that is not within our given timeline.
  • Urgent revisions are accepted at Write My Essay, but customers have to clearly specify the urgency while asking for a revision. However, if any customer comes up with an unrealistic deadline, then we won’t accept it.
  • Any request for revision that is not in accordance with the original project details will be rejected right away. There are extra charges for special requests which were not included in your order at the start.
  • Customers cannot initiate a dispute until they haven’t got any revised files from us. Also, if a customer has accepted the revised files and given us a thumbs up, they won’t be eligible for a change of mind later.
  • Customers have to be clear and precise about their revisions. Our team won’t entertain any ambiguous requests.